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Add visual effects to your music with this add-on for media players
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Besides a good music sound system, the indispensable equipment at parties and in dancing venues includes at least one screen where people can visualize animations that enhance their music experience.
Aeon is an add-on that integrates with your default music player, and produces interesting animations to accompany the music you are playing. These animations are colorful and can be customized according to your preferences. For example, you can set the size and duration of the track title text, the speed at which the graphics change, as well as prevent the screen to sleep, among other things. Please note that some of these features are disabled in the trial version.

You can choose among several different categories with exotic names and looks, such as Astral Bridge, Alien Telephone, and more. You can also assign your favorite animations to shortcut buttons to have them readily available.

The main disadvantage I found is that many music players have their own built-in animations. Also, many of these players are free or are bundled with different operating systems, such as Windows Media Player. Nevertheless, if you are a DJ or like to play music at parties just for fun, you may like the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Colorful and well-crafted animations
  • The plug-in integrates smoothly with the music players


  • Some players have built-in animations for free
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